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How To Put Characters Into Your Mugen
To Get new characters into your mugen you'll need to, first, download any character from this site.  It will be either of 3 types of file, .7z .zip or .rar .  Now right click the character and click on 7z. extract files and then you should have a folder saying the characters name on it. now click in that folder. there should be another folder in it saying the same name. move that folder into the character folder. Next go to the data  folder and click on  select.def. Scroll down until you see "Insert your characters below"  Then leave one space empty between that and add the folders exact name on it (ex. if the folder name is sbh259Yoshi, you dont put yoshi, you put sbh259Yoshi) The file save it and you should have that character.
How To Put Stages Into Your Mugen
To get stages into your folder  download the file and extract like you did with characters and take the 2 files out of the folder and put it into stages folder. then go to data and find "[ExtraStages]
 ;Put extra stages here. They will be available in VS and Watch modes."  Add the stage name  and add .def to it. you should have a new stage now