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10:57 AM
I have added Characters
I have added characters today and What people realy want..ITACHI!!!  And Please go to the forums and contribute downloads =). It will realy help the site.  I'll try to add stages tomarrow. O yeah and....
Happy fourth of July... Captain America is in the Other character section!! seems fitting enough.. And please don't Blow your head off with the fireworks.
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3 zajjjj  
i love this site but there are some chars that you dont have like futer rocklee 3rd hokage or naruto-a tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue tongue biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin cool cool cool

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2 jokerttt213  

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1 res  
tuhis is the best page to donload naruto mugen chars. biggrin .... onli you need put kankuro

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