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8:47 PM
What i did
What i did with the update was
Added bleach characters
Added more naruto characters
added some stages
you know thats about it lol. sorry. but i will finish the rest of the updates. Blame homework for them not being here
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3 IdOe  
give me games mugen naruto pleaseeeeeeee cry sad

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2 death1201  
lol the bleach characters arn't properly made >_< cry

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1 jakenster101  
yo yo yo not cool man i serioustly like dis web and i tottaly think its cool but you did latetly was serious mest up man i mean u put on new naruto characters and i thank u for dat and i hope u do dat more often but there is just one problem most of de new characters u put on were wack man i mean like iruka plz don't put characters like dat kevin plz and i really like dat anbu itachi u put but his sprite are serioustly wack i mean his fast and his cool but his moves suck man i know you are a great dude man and u rock!!!!!!!!! but the new come back wasn't so good on the naruto side but the bleach side definitly was awesome man anyway i hope u consider what i said man peace and keep rocking! not sucking!

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